Briton wins Dhs10m in Mahzooz draw just before his wedding


Reece (left) receives the winner’s prize cheque.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Mahzooz, the leading weekly draw in the UAE, has yet again crowned one more multi-millionaire last Saturday 9 July 2022, the third in a span of one month, giving 26 years-old British expat the most generous wedding gift of Dhs10,000,000, five days before his wedding.

Operated by EWINGS, Mahzooz has created 25 multi-millionaires since inception — three of which in the past four weeks — and continues to change lives for the better.

Hailing from London, Reece, the latest top-prize winner at the 84th draw, is a young expat who has been living in the UAE for the past four years, and had planned to get married on 14 July 2022. Luck had smiled to him, just five days prior to his wedding, generously giving him a life-changing prize of Dhs10,000,000.

“This, indeed is the most generous and memorable gift any newly-wed couple could ever dream of,” said Reece at the press conference held a day after the wedding, at the Mahzooz headquarters in Dubai.

Reece, who describes himself as socially outgoing and a football fan adds: “I’ve been in the UAE for four years and have been participating in Mahzooz since December 2020. I had always kept my hopes high, and here I am today, 10 million dirhams richer”

He continues: “ As soon as I learned about the win I shared the happy news with my fiancé and my parents, and they were shocked and in tears of joy. I am extremely grateful for Mahzooz, and now I need to carefully decide what to do with the money.”

Reece, who currently works as a gymnasium manager, describes how he found out about his windfall.

“On the night of the draw at around 11 pm, I casually went to the website to check the results and noticed that the winning numbers matched the ones I had selected. I went and checked my Mahzooz account and was stunned to see that I was a winner!” he exclaims.

Farid Samji, CEO of EWINGS commented: “We are delighted that the Mahzooz win came in at such a milestone in Reece’s life, just days before his wedding. Now, the young couple can plan for the future without any financial anxiety, thanks to the life-changing win. In a span of four weeks, we had three top prize winners, and we hope that this positive trend will continue and that more people will soon be living the Mahzooz dream.”

Reece could get lucky once again and win a further 1 KG of gold at the Golden Summer Draw that will be held on 30 July. Throughout the month of July, everyone who participates in the weekly draws also stands a chance to win a kilogram of gold.

Participating in Mahzooz is as simple as registering via and purchasing a bottle of water for just Dhs35, then like the past winners all you need is optimism, persistence and a little luck. Each bottle gives participants a one-line entry into the grand draw and another entry into the raffle draw therefore doubling their chances of winning.

The top prize of Dhs10,000,000 for matching all five numbers is up for grabs every week, as is the second prize of Dhs1,000,000 and the third prize of Dhs350. Every week, Mahzooz also holds a raffle draw that awards a guaranteed prize of Dhs300,000, shared equally among three winners.

All water bottles purchased by the participants are channelled through Mahzooz’s community partners to hydrate those in need.


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