Court acquits man of sexual assault charges but rejects his Dhs100,000 compensation plea


Picture used for illustrative purose only.

Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Cases Court rejected a lawsuit filed by a man in which he demanded to obligate a woman to pay a compensation of Dhs100,000 compensate him with Dhs100,000 after a ruling was issued acquitting him of the charges of coerced sexual assault.

The court obligated him to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit.

The court indicated that the verdict acquitting him was not based on the woman’s lying in the report.

The details date back to the fact that the man filed a lawsuit in which he demanded to oblige the suspect to pay him Dhs100,000 as material and moral compensation and to obligate her to pay fees, expenses for accusing him of indecent assault.

The Court of Cassation acquitted him, and said that the plaintiff’s falsity in the report against him had caused him moral and material damages.


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