Court orders man to return Dhs19,000 to his ex-fiancée


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases obligated a young man to pay Dhs19,000 to a girl who filed a lawsuit against him in which she affirmed she lent him the amount and he did not return it to her.

The court ordered the young man to pay Dhs19,000 to her, besides the fees and expenses.

The appellee affirmed that the appellant was his fiancée and that she always insisted on transferring sums of money to him to help in speeding up the completion of the marriage.

Details date back to earlier when the girl filed a lawsuit demanding that the young man be obligated to pay her Dhs19,000 and interest of 9%.

She also demanded to obligate him to pay expenses and lawyer’s fees.

The girl indicated that she lent the young man the amount, which he did not return.

She attached to the lawsuit copies of the statements of the money she transferred to him.

The appellee said that the girl gave him the money as gift and not as a loan, affirming that she was his fiancée and that they decided to marry as soon as the financial means were available.

He added that she offered him financial aid, which he always refused, but she insisted.

“Once, she insisted on giving me Dhs13,000 to buy a used car, and Dhs5000 to obtain a driving licence”, he added.

The man said he sold the car for Dhs10,000 and gave the money to her, adding that he owed her only Dhs5,000.

The court made the girl took the complementary oath that she transferred the amount to the appellate as a loan and not as a donation or gift.


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