Dhs2,000 fine for parking in bus lay-by in UAE


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter
The UAE has announced that a fine of Dhs2,000 will be slapped on motorists who park and or even layover their cars at bus lay-by in the country.

The Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre announced the decision on its Instagram account.

The Centre wrote, “Parking in bus lay-by is prohibited as it endangers the safety of road users. Violating this rule will result in a Dhs2,000 fine ticket.”

The authorities have urged motorists to respect the law of the land.

The bus lane law helps smooth movement of traffic and avoids congestion in the roads.

The move was taken after it was noted that several motorists block the bus lane and bus lay-by, hence blocking buses and leading to traffic jams.   

Last year, Dubai’s RTA urged motorists to stay clear of the bus lanes.

RTA said, “Stay clear of the new bus lanes. These dedicated lanes are for buses, taxis, police, civil defence and ambulances. Starting 1st of July, accessing these lanes will get you a fine of Dhs600. Simply keep to your own lanes and reach your destination on time.”

Sharjah also installed CCTV cameras across the Emirate to catch violating motorists. Violating the rules will incur hefty traffic fines.
On the other hand, Abu Dhabi Police carried out an awareness workshop on the safe use of bicycles and electric scooters, in cooperation with a number of strategic partners, at the Al Ain Police Officers Club.
Colonel Matar Abdullah Al Muhairi, Director of Al Ain Traffic Department at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate in the Central Operations Sector, urged users of bicycles and electric scooters to adhere to wearing helmets, knee bumpers and reflective clothing (phosphorescent), especially while driving at night and to avoid illegal behavior, in order to ensure their safety and the safety of community members.

He stressed the importance of providing the bike with a white reflective front light and a red backlight, adhering to safety instructions, prevention requirements and regulations, stopping it in the places designated for it (if any), and not leaving it in a way that hinders the movement of vehicles or pedestrians, and not installing it on traffic signposts and light poles.

The workshop included a full explanation of the dangers of using electric bicycles in undesignated places with the participation of the Al Ain Police Directorate, Drug Control Department and the Public Safety Department of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority along with the Integrated Transport Center and the NMC Hospital.


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