Dhs25 fine per day for delaying newborn’s residence permit


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Emad Eddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) confirmed that the issuance of a residence permit for newborns on the sponsorship of a resident working in the private sector or the free zone requires the completion of procedures for the newborn within 120 days from the date of birth.

Failure to do so would incur fines for the newborn start to be calculated at Dhs25 each day of delay, after 120 days.

The authority has identified 5 steps to apply for the permit issuance service, through its UAEICP smart application, which are “filling in the required data and attachments, paying fees, evaluating the service offered, and receiving the transaction by e-mail.”

The authorities added that the service is provided directly by issuing the residence permit for the newborns.

It also said that the procedures have to completed from within the country.

The authorities also confirmed that the incomplete applications would be canceled electronically after 30 days.

The application will also be canceled if it is returned 3 times due to deficiencies or incomplete documents.

It indicated that the total service application fee is Dhs250, which includes Dhs100 of application fees, Dhs100 issuance fee, Dhs28 electronic services fee, and Dhs22 authority fees.

It explained that customers can request service procedures through 3 methods, which are the website https://icp.gov.ae/ or the UAEICP smart application by logging in with the digital identity or the user name, searching for the service to be applied for, and filling in the request data where applicable.

Pay the service fees (if any), visit customer happiness centres to apply, or visit typing offices approved by the authority.

The authority identified 12 documents and required documents, which are “the identity card or the payment of fees, the passport of the original sponsored, the validity of which is not less than 6 months, the salary certificate, a copy of the sponsor’s passport, a color photograph, a birth certificate, a copy of the residence of the father and mother, and the work and lease contract.

A copy of the health insurance, and a copy of the mother’s passport are also required.


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