Dress to impress: flying dress photoshoot in desert of Dubai

Dress to impress: flying dress photoshoot in desert of Dubai

Social media trends inspire photographers and bloggers to create new original projects. And you can become the heroine of one of them.

Dubai’s sand deserts are not only a popular tourist destination to have fun. It is also a very beautiful place where you can become a model and enjoy a flying dress photoshoot. I was lucky to have such an amazing experience, and I want to share my impressions with you.

Dress to impress
Dress to impress

The Dubai flying dress photoshoot popularity continues to grow and attracts even well-known bloggers like Myriam Keramane, Sarah Lopez, Mai Ibrahim, and others. And I’m glad that this opportunity is available not only for influencers and celebrities but also for women like me.

I wanted an unusual photoshoot, so flying dress photography caught my attention. All the women looked so happy and beautiful in the photo that I immediately imagined myself in their place.

First, you need to book a date and choose your perfect dress. You can ask all the necessary questions if you doubt which one will be best for you. If you are going to wear jewelry, it is better to consult a photographer about it.

Various service packages are available, which include transfer, make-up, photo session, etc. If you want to spend this time with loved ones and get unforgettable photos together, there are options for couples and group shots.

Dress to impress
Dress to impress

On the appointed day and time, you are brought to the location where you change clothes in a tent and go to the shooting location with the photographer.

I remember unforgettable emotions when I saw my flying dress for a photoshoot and put it on. It made me feel like an Arab princess and a glamor model at the same time. I have never felt so beautiful and free before. This outfit completely transforms you and reveals your femininity.

Often we do not realize how attractive we can look. A Dubai flying dress allows you to see yourself in a new role. You can be a mom of three children or an office worker and have a quiet and peaceful life. But in this desert, you can become whoever you want.

I had a long red flowing dress with an open back. It was one of the most popular models, and it was also available in other colors. The fabric glided over the body and perfectly conveyed its silhouette. At the same time, I felt very comfortable and confident.

We scheduled our flying dress photoshoot in different locations at sunset. At first, I was a little shy and worried, so the photographer guided me on which pose to choose and where to put my hands. Then, I relaxed and started experimenting.

Seven years ago, I did gymnastics. I never thought that this experience would ever be useful to me. But these skills helped make the process even more creative and interesting. I twirled, ran, jumped, and did everything that came to my mind. The photographer supported my creative impulses and encouraged me to be myself in the photo.

The photoshoot in a flying dress at sunset is the best idea to make a bright and memorable photograph. I liked the secluded atmosphere of the dunes where no one sees you. It helps to relax, fully immerse yourself in the process and enjoy it.

I think this is also a great option for pregnancy, honeymoon, wedding, marriage proposal photos, and others.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t succeed because I can’t pose. It seemed so difficult. But thanks to the recommendations of the photographer and the dress, I immersed myself in the process and was able to enjoy it.

The flying dress photoshoot in Dubai was the highlight of this trip. These memories of endless sand hills, a fiery sunset, and a gorgeous dress will stay with me forever. And I would love to relive those exciting emotions again.


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