Drunken woman drives through stairs and garage following GPS instructions


A combo image shows the damaged vehicle stuck in stairs.

Gulf Today Report

Portland Police have charged a woman with drunk driving when her car smashed into the staircase of a police station.

The 26-year-old blamed the GPS for driving through the Portland Police Department’s garage and even through a pedestrian zone.

The authorities said, “The female driver drove through the Police Department garage, across our pedestrian plaza and then tried to drive down the stairs to Middle Street…”

She claimed that her GPS system showed her which way to take, and after she reached a set of stairs she tried to leave by driving under them in an SUV to reach the street.

Netizens were quick to react to her situation.

Ian Cirame wrote on Facebook, “When you decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator because it will be quicker…”

Kim Garon Nisbet said, “That landing screwed everything up.”

Annie Perley said, “I give it an 8.6 on the landing.”

Cailin O’Bryan Silcox wrote, “GPS yelling “RECALCULATING, REROUTING…”

Michael Cicio said, “Well if she learned anything from this,.. it’s where her spare tire is stored.”

Kristen Day wrote, “My gps said ‘take next left down stairs into handcuffs and then you’ll arrive at your destination… Cumberland county jail.”

The police department issued a statement on Facebook saying that officers said she was intoxicated.

The police said, “We are fortunate that she didn’t strike anyone and this ended with just a small amount of property damage. Please don’t drink and drive.


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