Dubai Customs seizes 6kg of marijuana with an African passenger


Dubai International Airport officers seize 5.95 kilogrammes of marijuana.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai Customs inspection officers at Dubai International Airport seized 5.95 kilogrammes of marijuana, which a traveler from an African country tried to smuggle into the country. The passenger concealed the contraband in bags of peanut paste to mislead the inspectors.


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“Dubai Customs emphasizes its role in consolidating the concept of safe customs globally by intensifying drug seizure operations and implementing new initiatives and mechanisms that achieve this goal in accordance with its strategy 2021-2026. Dubai Customs smart and integrated inspection system at Dubai airports is highly efficient in carrying out inspection missions to protect society and ensure a pleasant experience for all travellers,” said Ibrahim Al-Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department.

Dubai Customs’ smart control system at airports is the first of its kind in the world.

“In addition to our highly skilled staff, we use the latest inspection technologies in our work. We suspected the passenger’s bag while passing the X-ray machine, and signs of anxiety were observed on the passenger. We manually searched the bag and discovered 5.95kg of marijuana hidden inside six rolls of peanut paste.

“Dubai Customs spares no effort to achieve this strategic goal, by hiring highly qualified employees and customs officers, and enrolling them in specialized training courses to help them achieve this goal, and providing customs centers with the latest inspection devices. Dubai Customs is the first line of protection for society from the penetration of these destructive toxins to the individuals and the market

Al-Kamali pointed out that the Dubai Customs’ smart control system at airports is the first of its kind in the world. This smart system completes the inspection matrix at airports and forms a key link between the internal departments, where bags are inspected using X-ray inspection devices, and the main inspection area where luggage is manually searched.



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