Dubai Police find a decayed body, solve murder mystery within an hour


Picture used for illustrative purpose only.

Somaiya Saad, Staff Reporter

The Crime Scene Section of the General Department of Forensics and Criminology at Dubai Police has solved the mystery of a murder crime that took place in Al Qusais area in just an hour after receiving the report of the incident. 

“The Dubai Police received a report that a decayed body of a man had been found in an apartment located in Al Qusais area at about 5 am,” Colonel Makki Salman Ahmed Salman, Director of the Crime Scene Section, said.

Accordingly, the forensic team and experts moved to the scene, where the preliminary inspection was conducted to uncover the circumstances of the crime.

“The corpse, whose hands and feet were tied, was found rotten. It was of a man in his thirties, lying on the back and the features were completely unclear,” Colonel Salman added.

He explained that through the search and investigation, it was concluded that the victim had died in the apartment only and that two persons had left the apartment after the crime.

The building’s watchman confirmed to the police that the owner of the flat had left accompanied by a woman, however the police learnt that the one who had been murdered was the owner of the flat.

Through checking the surveillance cameras of the building, it was found that the man, who left the flat with a woman, had worn clothes of the victim in order to mislead the police and the guard.

The security teams succeeded to identify and arrest to the perpetrators (a man and a woman) within less than an hour of receiving the report.

It turned out that two persons who had killed the victim were siblings.

They killed the victim because there was an illegal relationship between him and the killer’s sister.

On the day of crime killer’s sister accompanied him to facilitate his entry into the victim’s apartment.

It was said that the victim had blackmailed the woman with indecent pictures and video clips of her and threatened to send them to her husband.

That angered her brother, who came with her to kill him and plotted the plan to get out from the apartment as the owner of the apartment to avoid suspicion.


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