Dubai Police rescue a man from drowning within minutes


Dubai Police members prepare to go for the rescue operation.

Sumaya Saad, Staff Reporter

A team of Dubai’s Maritime Rescue Department at Ports Police Station has rescued a person from drowning in Jumeirah Beach after receiving the report through the ‘safe Sail’

“A team of rescuers from the department, accompanied by maritime patrols rushed to the reported area and rescued the person within a few minutes,” revealed Lieutenant Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, Head of Maritime Rescue Department at Ports Police Station.

Al Naqbi praised the efficiency and speed of rescuers which contributed to saving the person’s life.

He also called on sea-goers to use the ‘Safe Sail’ service for all kinds of cruises and provide an easy mechanism for giving distress signals and calls.

The app helps locate the user and provides a lot of information about his trip through a smart platform that contains a special control screen and an interactive map, he said.

The app covers an area 7-8 nautical miles in depth and 70 nautical miles along Dubai coasts and has many features including tracking a vessel as per the person’s desire and giving warning alerts, he said.

Al Naqbi called on sea-goers to exercise extreme caution, comply with the advice of rescuers from the police or the municipality who are on the beach, and abide by all instructions in order to preserve their lives and avoid being exposed to danger by sea currents.

Dubai Police are ready round the clock to deal with emergency cases on the beaches and at sea and respond to them in the shortest possible time, he said, noting that there are nine marine rescue points with fully-equipped divers and lifeguards to deal with emergency cases in various parts of the emirate.


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