Egypt sentences man to death for slitting Naiyera Ashraf’s throat after she refused to marry him


A videograb shows Mohamed Adel stabbing Naiyera Ashraf at Mansoura University in Egypt.

Gulf Today Report

The Mansoura Criminal Court in Egypt sentenced a man to death for the murder of a female student after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Mohamed Adel is accused of killing his colleague Naiyera Ashraf in front of the gate of Mansoura University after she refused to marry him.

Naiyera was 21.

The court held its second session and issued the verdict, after the statements of the accused were heard in the first session, and the pleading of the prosecution and defense in the second session.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution confirmed that the accused killed the victim with premeditation.

He followed her, until her arrival in front of the university, so he stabbed her from behind, and slaughtered her with the intention of taking her life.

On June 19, a video showed Ashraf being stabbed outside her university in Mansoura.

Naiyera had previously reported her fears of assault to the authorities and the prosecution said messages from the defendant ‘threatening to slit her throat’ were found on her phone.

The verdict was met with celebrations outside the Mansoura court, as seen in videos released by local media.

The crime sparked widespread rage in Egypt and beyond, and was followed by a similar murder at the campus in Jordan days later.

Jordanian police said that the man suspected of killing Iman Irsheed had “killed himself” after refusing to surrender.

Meanwhile, another case started making headlines in Egypt after it was announced that the body of the TV presenter Shaima Jamal had been found nearly three weeks after her husband reported her missing.

Jamal’s body was found following a tip-off from a person who confessed to his “involvement in the crime,” said a statement from the prosecution on Monday.

The prosecution ordered the arrest of her husband, who is a senior judicial official, according to the statement.


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