Egyptian woman dumps newborn girl on a street, leaves the scene


A videograb shows woman with her newborn baby.

Gulf Today Report            

In a tragic incident, a mother dumped her newborn daughter in an Egypt neighbourhood, sparking public ire. The CCTV footage of the incident has gone viral on socail media platforms.

The video showed the woman walking down a staircase and approaching a building. She then leaves the baby girl in the corner.

A CCTV camera in the neighbourhood captured the moment. The incident took place in the October Gardens area in Giza Governorate, according to local media.

The residents of the building found the infant. One of them took her to his house, according to officials.

The resident said that he thought the newborn would fall a prey to stray dogs if left alone.

The resident reported the girl to the police in the area. It was revealed that the girl was a month old.   

The Police ordered the girl to be taken care of by the social service department.

The authorities have also opened an investigation into the incident.

The police have found the family and arrested the mother for the heinous crime.

The police said all legal measures were taken against the woman, and she was referred to Public Prosecution.




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