Egyptian young man shoots a girl and her father for refusing his marriage proposal


A videograb shows Ragheb Khalid shoting the girl and his father.

Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

An Egyptian young man named Ragheb Khalid shot a Libyan girl and her father while they were riding in their car in front of their house, and they were transferred to hospital for the medical treatment.

A spokesman at the media office of the Libyan Ministry of Interior, Asa’ad Al Werfalli, stated that the young man, Ragheb Khaled, an Egyptian, shot a Libyan man and his daughter in front of their house, because she refused to marry him, though he proposed to her several times.

Al Werfalli pointed out that despite the Egyptian young man proposed to the Libyan girl several times, her parents refused his proposal, and demanded him to stay away from their daughter and not be exposed to her.

For his part, Abdulkarim Qwaider, the Libyan girl’s cousin, said that the Egyptian young man admired, the girl who was a student at Al Bayda University, and that he tried to draw her attention and harass her inside the campus several times, but she ignored him.

Qwaider pointed out that the Egyptian student had been harassing and disturbing her for two years, before going to her home, where he met her father and proposed to her several times.

Ragheb threatened to take revenge on them, after the girl’s father refused her proposal, Qwaider added.

Qwaider continued, “Ragheb has been pursuing the Libyan student and her family during the past few days, before he headed in his car on Tuesday, to their house, and as soon as she left the house accompanied by her father, and got into their car, they were surprised with a firearm – an automatic rifle, as a result of which they were hit by bullets in different parts of the body.”

Major General Khaled Al Basta, Security Official in Al Bayda, said in a statement that the security forces arrested the Egyptian young man after he fled the city of Al Bayda and hid in a house in Al Qubba, noting that he had been referred to the Public Prosecution, in preparation for trying him.


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