Father and son die of thirst after their vehicle gets stuck in Saudi desert


The car stuck in the desert.

Gulf Today Report

The Ajman Valley desert in Saudi Arabia witnessed a horrific accident with the death of a Kuwaiti man and his 8-year-old son of thirst.

The father and son travelled to the desert where their sheep grazes.

On their way back, their vehicle got stuck in the sand, during which they were unable to contact anyone for help, according to local media.

The tragic incident occurred when the father, known for his expertise in desert trails, and his child went to a desert site near Al-Nairiyah Governorate.

The father’s attempts to get the vehicle out of the sand but failed, so he decided to leave his child and go on foot to the Hijrat Moghati area, which is 25 kilometers from the place after his cell phone lost connection, but he died of thirst due to the heat a few hundred metres away from the site.

After a while, the little boy passed out because of dehydration while waiting for his father in an area with a temperature of about 46 degrees Celsius.

The family of the two victims stated that the father had contacted them by phone on the morning of the accident.

He informed them that his car had broken down and that he would fix it, but then the connection was cut off and they were worried, so the process of searching for them began in the desert.

The family explained that the car was found at four in the afternoon, after sunset, and the bodies of the father and the young child, who died four hours after his father’s death.

The family thanked the Saudi authorities for their efforts in finding the two victims who were buried in the Sabhan cemetery in Kuwait.


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