Four-year-old girl pronounced dead by hospital wakes up during funeral bath in Pakistan


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Gulf Today Report

In a miraculous incident in Pakistan, a four-year-old girl pronounced dead by medical experts wakes up during a funeral bath, prompting panic and chaos in the city of Faisalabad.

Medical practitioners at the Children’s Hospital Lahore declared her dead and issued a death certificate for legal procedures.

Local media identified the girl, Meerab, a resident of Mansorabad area of Faisalabad.

Family said that Meerab was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Lahore in an unconscious state.

The doctors inspected the girl and broke the sad news to the family and handed the body.

The body was taken back to Faisalabad.

It was at the time of the funeral bath, some family members felt the girl’s pulse and immediately called the local medical authorities.

According to sources, Meerab’s breathing and heartbeat was restored with the help of artificial respiration by the medical team.

The girl was taken to Children’s Hospital in Faisalabad.

The family members praised the motorbike ambulance staff for arriving at the scene at a short notice.


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