Gang detain, rob compatriot after luring her through app


Picture used for illustrative purpose.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Asian gang of three kidnapped a compatriot girl and detained her for three days inside a villa where they assaulted her after robbing her. The court sentenced two of them in presence and the third in absentia to 5 years in jail, to be followed by deportation after serving their term, and fined them jointly Dhs170,000.

According to the case papers on the incident which took place in July 2021, the gangsters lured a girl of their nationality through a social networking programme and rented a vehicle to carry out their crime. According to the victim’s testimony, she said she knew a compatriot through a social networking app, who invited her to attend a party held by members of their community in Dubai.

The victim added in the investigations that she accepted the invitation and on the appointed time, the first suspect came in a vehicle. She added as soon as she got into it, she was beaten by two others who threatened her with electric shocks.

They took her to a villa in Jebel Ali, where they stole Dhs5,000 from her and took her mobile phone. They also transferred Dhs165,000 from her bank account to theirs, then they continued assaulting her and pictured her in immoral situations.

The victim added that the gangsters contacted her family in her home country through a messaging app to get money after sending them her photos and a video clip showing the assault on her.

She indicated that after three days of detention, they put a bag over her eyes and mouth, and took her in a vehicle driven by one of them to another place, from where she reported the incident to the police.



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