GCC national jailed, fined for killing security guard


Photo has been used for illustrative purpose.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a GCC national to 6 months in jail, fined him Dhs50,000 and suspended his driving licence for a year, after he ran over a security guard of a building, claiming his life. The court also obligated the suspect to pay Dhs100,000 in Diya for the heirs of the victim.

Details of the case, which took place in the Business Bay area in Dubai, date back to October 2021, when a security patrol was informed about the incident.

A policeman testified that he saw the body of the victim lying on the street, and also saw a GCC national near a vehicle there.

The policeman added that when he inquired from the GCC man about the incident, he said he had unintentionally injured the victim while he was driving his vehicle.

He added there was a dispute between him and the woman in the vehicle, his fiancée, who opened the vehicle’s door while it was being driven.

The victim attempted to stop the vehicle holding its door, but the accused did not see him.

The suspect was taken to the police station and after conducting an alcohol test, it was found that he was drunk.

He was referred to the Public Prosecution.

According to the woman’s statement, she was in a relationship with the suspect but she asked him to end it. He asked her to return a mobile phone, which he had given to her.

She asked the GCC national to come to her residence to take it.

She added that on the day of the incident, the suspect came near her residence and waited for her in his vehicle, and when she got in, a verbal altercation occurred between them, with him assaulting her.

She then attempted to escape through the door, during which the victim saw her. She reportedly asked him to call the police.

The victim attempted to help her leave the vehicle, but the suspect prevented her and drove the vehicle.

The victim was holding its door fell down and was run over. He was killed on the spot.


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