Husband complains of bad coffee, wife stabs him to death


Gulf Today Report

In a strange and unfamiliar crime, a woman from Tennessee, in the southeast of the United States, was convicted of stabbing her husband to death after an argument over the taste of coffee.

The police said that they found an 81-year-old man who was stabbed several times inside the house, after which he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The hospital announced his death hours later.


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According to the US media, the man, before dying, told the authorities the details of the incident that led to the stabbing. He claimed that he and his wife, Sheila Downey, 68, got into an argument after he complained about the taste of the coffee she prepared.

Sources close to the investigations revealed that his wife went to the laundry room and tried to commit suicide by drinking laundry bleach, but he managed to stop her.

The police said that the wife then grabbed a knife and stabbed him repeatedly.

The accused was not at home when the authorities found her husband covered in his blood, but was later detained upon her return.


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