In a blink of an eye, man loses mobile phone to thief hanging from railway bridge


A combo image shows the man stealing the phone from a moving train.

Gulf Today Report

A video of a man stealing a mobile phone from a moving train in the Indian state of Bihar has left people stunned and angry.

The thief hanging from the bridge’s frame managed to grab the phone as the train crossed over the river Ganges.

Netizens are shocked over the incident and some are comparing the thief to SpiderMan.

In a video, now gone viral, two passengers sit at the door of a train compartment as it crosses the Ganges.

It is common to see people sit at the door of a train compartment in India when traveling on local railway lines.

The duo have cellphones in their hands to capture the moment.

A person suspended from the bridge reaches out and snatches the phone in the blink of an eye.

The duo suddenly realizes what had happened.

Disbelieving, the man tells the other passenger that his phone is gone.

Yes, believe it or not, but the thief was hanging from the bridge frame, patiently waiting to snatch the passengers’ phones.

It’s impossible to capture the wink theft and the moment is only visible when the video is viewed in slow motion.

According to local media, the incident happened in Begusarai on the Patna-Katihar Intercity Express earlier this week.

Local media reported that the accident happened on Rajendra Setu, the railway bridge that connects Patna and Begusarai.

The authorities said such thefts happen more often than one might imagine.

Passengers sitting near train doors often become their victims.

Local police said they were aware of such incidents.

Claiming to have previously captured some of the criminals operating in the area.

Local police launched campaigns against these thefts but it didn’t work out.

The police said the robbers sometimes jumped off the bridge and managed to dodge the police by swimming to safety in the Ganges.


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