Indian tailor sees son die in front of him after calling him to Saudi for job


Mohammed Naem at his tailoring shop in Al Aflaj.

Gulf Today Report

Saudis sympathized with an elderly Indian resident of 30 years after his son died in front of him in a run over accident in Aflaj.

Indian national Mohammed Naem, who lost his son following a tragic accident in Saudi Arabia after he was brought in to continue securing a living for the family by working in the men’s tailoring field in Al-Aflaj Governorate, Saudi Arabia.

The father, Naem wanted to retire and bring in his son to replace him in the job but tragedy struck the family when the son died in front of his eyes.

Naem said, “I have been working in the Aflaj governorate for about 30 years, but after I was tired, ageing and I have a heart disease, I decided to bring my son to work in Aflaj to ensure the continuity of the sustenance of our family in India.

Naem runs a shop in Aflaj.

He added: “After I had a heart disease, I decided to go to my country and bring my son, and after completing the procedures for his recruitment, I left the Kingdom before the month of Ramadan.”

He continued, “After I spent Ramadan with my family, I came to the Kingdom to check on my son and train him, and then leave for my country for good, but two days after I came and accompanied my son to housing and work he died in a runover accident on the public road in front of my eyes.”

Local media reported that the Indian young man was buried in the city of Aflaj, amid great sympathy from the region’s residents with his bereaved father.


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