Isolation protocol breach led to the rise of COVID-19 cases in UAE


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Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

The UAE Health Ministry has announced that the breach in Isolation protocol led to the rise of COVID-19 cases in UAE in recent months.

The experts made the statement during a special media briefing on how to curb COVID-19 rise.

The health experts said that a number of practices that pose risks to the community and public health have been witnessed, in light of non-adherence to the precautionary measures.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) said, “Disregarding isolating protocol was noted by small group of people infected with COVID19, which threatens the community’s safety and causes the spread of the virus, due to the lack of commitment of people.

“We stress that anyone who causes the spread of the virus will be subject to legal accountability by relevant authorities.”


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This increase comes after the situation has stabilised around the country, through supporting national efforts and encouraging community cooperation.

The NCEMA said, “We would like to remind everyone that wearing masks in closed areas is mandatory, negligence is a violation and perpetrators will be punished with a fine of up to Dhs3,000, according to Public Prosecution Decision No. 38 for 2020.

Such carelessness in maintaining public health and acquired immunity resulted in the rise of infections, and new waves of the virus.

The authorities said that the public must follow the guidelines:

— Wear face mask in closed places

— Avoid crowding

— Take precaution while traveling

— Make sure of the SOPs you need follow in the destination country

— Check the travel destination through the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

— Not to neglect periodic checks.

The experts said that that Covid-19 is still present, and our first line of defense is still responding to it with the aim of protecting lives and national gains, and for the purpose of protecting you and your loved ones from its spread, and our duty today is to preserve the great and mighty efforts that the state has reached, which should not be in vain.

On the quarantine topic, the government said as of 25 March 2022, quarantine is not required for those who came in close contact with a positive case of COVID-19. But they must undergo an PCR test on day one and seven, or when the contact starts showing symptoms of COVID-19.

However, each emirate has the flexibility to determine the duration of the quarantine period and the number and the duration within which RT-PCR tests need to be done.


According to CDC, countries in the GCC account for 18.6 per cent (3,602,224) of all regional cases, while Iran’s 7,217,117 infections make up 37.3 per cent of the regional tally.

It is noteworthy that travels agencies across the UAE are seeing a surge in bookings on almost all the sectors.

Keeping this in mind UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention has issued fresh COVID-19 guidelines for all who wish to travel abroad in the coming months.

Before travelling

• Check the Covid-I9 stats in areas where a new variety is spreading and travel only if necessary.

• Vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, diabetics, and those with cardiovascular diseases must avoid traveling to areas where the virus is spreading unless necessary.

• Complete the recommended doses of the vaccine

While travelling

• Wash your hands regularly (with soap and water or sanitizers with 70% alcohol)

• Maintain physical distance with others

▪ Avoid crowded places

• Consult your doctor immediately if you feel sick

• Comply with local Covid-19 guidelines for travelling, transportation and gatherings

After travelling

• Conduct a PCR test to ensure your safety and avoid spreading the virus.

The Health Ministry called for obtaining information from official sources in the UAE, and for refraining from spreading rumours and false information, highlighting the importance of staying updated on developments and guidelines issued by the UAE health authorities.

The authorities also said, “We stress the importance of community members’ commitment and adherence to all instructions received from the health and concerned authorities, and adherence to all precautionary measures, which is one of the most important factors supporting national efforts and the health and safety of individuals with the aim of strengthening the community’s immunity and protection.”


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