Jilted man to get Dhs10,000 compensation from woman


Photo has been used for illustrative purpose.

Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases ordered a woman to pay her ex-husband Dhs10,000 in compensation for moral damages he incurred after she left his home during their marriage and established an illegal relationship with another. The court also obligated the appellee to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit.

The details of the case date back to earlier, when a husband filed a lawsuit in which he demanded to oblige his ex-wife to pay him Dhs30,000 in compensation for material and moral damages, beside the expenses, fees and lawyer’s fees. The appellant noted that the appellee was his wife and they had two children, but during their marriage, she left the house and then he received indecent videos clips for her with someone else on his phone.

The appellant explained in his lawsuit that the appellee at that time filed a divorce suit and they were divorced but she refused her custody of the children. He stressed that his divorcee’s betrayal of him during their marriage caused him damage.

The court indicated that the appellee did not deny that she had an illegal relationship with another during the marriage and confessed to it.

The court ordered the ex-wife to pay the appellant Dhs10,000 in compensation for the moral damages, while it rejected to compensate him financially because the case papers were devoid of evidence that he had suffered material damage due to the appellee.

Separately, a gangster lured an Asian girl through a social networking site, assaulted her and stole her money and mobile phone.  The victim reportedly arrived in Dubai as a visitor when she received a message  from a relative inviting her to a party organised by compatriots in a private house.

The girl accepted the invitation and her boyfriend agreed with her to meet in one of the Dubai neighborhoods near her residence. On the agreed time, the girl arrived where her boyfriend was waiting for her. He asked her to get on his vehicle to drop her, but instantly on getting on, she was attacked by two other persons who tied her up, assaulted her and threatening her with killing if she did not respond to them.


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