Lebanese man killed his uncle with Kalashnikov because he refused to marry his daughter


A combo image shows men with Kalashnikovs flee the crime scene in Beirut.

Gulf Today Report

A young Lebanese killed his uncle with a Kalashnikov rifle firing 10 bullets into him in broad daylight in the “Five Wings” area, between the southern suburbs and Choueifat, south of Beirut, similar to mafia or street gangs operation.

The young man killed the uncle because he did not agree to give his daughter in marriage to him.

A social media influencer who shared a part of the video said, “The man was accompanied by a young man, and after the crime they were seen fleeing the crime scene.”

The video documented the crime, which appeared to spread all over social networking sites.

The clips show the perpetrator opening fire with a Kalashnikov weapon at his uncle, while the later was in the company of a friend.

Another video clip showed the culprit and his accomplices fleeing the crime scene.
Local media first reported the shooting but did not clarify the details.

Later media outlets reported that the crime took place after a dispute between the deceased and his nephew (the perpetrator) because the uncle refused to marry his daughter to the nephew.


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