Lebanese man kills mother and 3 daughters, buries them in field


A combo image shows the murdered victims.

Gulf Today Report

On March 2, a Lebanese mother and her three daughters were reported missing after they left their house in the town of Ansar in southern Lebanon. They were found dead.

The National News Agency reported that preliminary investigations showed that the mother and her daughters accompanied another person from the same town, who confessed to committing a mass murder.

The culprit, in his thirties, also confessed that he buried the four bodies in an agricultural area near the town of Ansar.


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The rescue teams faced difficulties when searching for the bodies due to the rainy weather, which caused delay in the search operations for a while before the Lebanese authorities found them.

Annahar Lebanese newspaper reported that the ages of the murdered girls ranged between 16-22 years.

The paper added that the main suspect in the case confessed that he kidnapped the mother and her daughters with the help of another fugitive.

He added that he and the fugitive took the four women to a cave near the town, where they killed them.

The cause of the crime was not yet known, and investigations are still underway to find out the details.


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