Lebanon’s Hizbollah, allies lose parliament majority


Lebanon’s parliamentary candidate Gibran Bassil (centre) meets supporters at his residence. AFP

Gulf Today Report

Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hizbollah group and its allies lost their parliamentary majority, according to full legislative results announced by the interior ministry on Tuesday.

The Shiite movement and its political allies had the support of around 70 out of 128 lawmakers in the outgoing assembly but fell short of the 65 needed to retain a majority following Sunday’s polls.


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Climate change is hurting insurers Reports

A dozen independent freshmen MPs won seats in Lebanon’s parliament, official results showed on Tuesday, in a breakthrough reflecting public anger at the country’s financial collapse and lack of accountability for the Beirut port blast of 2020.

The newcomers, who won seats from different sects across various districts, chipped away at the hold that established parties had on the 128-member parliament.


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