Lion bites off 2-year-old girl’s hand in a zoo


A combo image shows the girl lying on the hospital bed.

Gulf Today Report

A lion attacked a two-year-old Yemeni girl during her visit to the zoo in Ibb governorate, Yemen, which led to the amputation of her left hand.

According to local sources, the little girl, Donia, inserted her hand through one of the holes in the protection net of the lion’s cage, where the lion bit her hand. The girl was being accompanied by her father who was busy taking a souvenir picture of her.

The sources indicated that the girl was immediately taken to the hospital, as well as her father, who fell into a coma as a result of what happened to his daughter. He was busy and distracted while taking a picture of his daughter next to the lion, according to Al-Arabiya Al Hadath.

Human rights advocates held the child’s father and the administration of the zoo, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, accountable together.

They also decried the administration’s disregard for visitors by placing iron nets, which are inappropriate for these predators, or failing to ensure a sufficient safety distance that prevent visitors and children from getting closer to these animals.


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