Man kills girl in his shop, hides body inside it and leaves the scene


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Gulf Today Report

The Jordanian city of Zarqa witnessed a heinous crime on Tuesday where a young man killed a girl with a sharp object in a crowded market, according to local media.

The Jordanian General Security issued a clarification statement revealing the circumstances of the crime.

The authorities said that information received by the security services indicated that a person had killed a girl and had hidden her body inside a shop in Zarqa Governorate in the center of the country.

The Jordanian security services immediately dealt with the incident, after going to the place of its occurrence and examining the body. An investigation was launched, and information was collected to confirm it.

The security services intensified their investigations to determine the identity of the perpetrator, who was located and arrested.

During interrogation, he confessed that he had killed the girl following disputes between them, and that he had beaten her with a sharp object while she was inside his shop, which led to her death, then he hid her body inside the shop, and left the place.

The Jordanians interacted with this crime, which came after the murder of university student Iman Irsheed, which shook the country, and demanded the need to find a solution to the problem of murder, and to punish the perpetrators of such crimes with the most severe punishment.


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