Man steals ex-girlfriend’s phone, sends indecent photos to husband and brother, will be deported


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian to two years to be followed by deportation on charges of posting photos with his ex-girlfriend on her accounts on Facebook and sending indecent photos to her husband and brother on WhatsApp after stealing her mobile phone in a shopping mall in Mirdif.

The Court of Appeal, however, commuted the sentence to six months but upheld the deportation measure.

The case dated back to July last year when a woman filed a complaint with the police in which she stated that her mobile phone had been stolen and she was subject to extortion by a man she was associated with earlier.

According to her statement in the investigations, a man took her by surprise in Mirdif area and stole her mobile phone, threatening to disclose indecent things about her if she would not respond to his request to continue their friendship.

The victim added that she had a friendship with the same guy which developed into an affair but was engaged to another whom she got married to and had together a daughter.

She asked her boyfriend not to communicate with her again but he threatened to post their photos on social media and send them to her family and current husband if their friendship would not continue.

The husband stated that he was surprised by messages coming on his wife’s mobile phone and inquired from her to be told that her mobile phone had been stolen and a person was threatening her.

He reported this to the police who arrested the guy. On interrogation, the defendant confessed to having sent photos to the victim’s account on Facebook and to a number of her family members through WhatsApp.


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