Marriage turns into tragedy after groom dies 24 hours before wedding in Jordan


A combo image shows Munther Mohammed Al Sabila and (right) his car after accident.

Gulf Today Report

A Jordanian young man, Munther Mohammed Al Sabila, died less than 24 hours before his wedding in a traffic accident in the Bedouin region of Jordan.

The wedding, which was scheduled for Saturday evening, turned into a funeral after the death of the groom and his cousin Wazen Al Sabila.

Sabila’s car collided with a truck on a highway in the south of the Kingdom.

A short video clip captured by a surveillance camera, showed the details of the incident, whiel relatives of the deceased groom affirmed that he was on his way on Friday to the ‘groom’s bathroom’ and instead his body landed in area used to ‘wash the dead.’

The acquaintances of the groom, who was a sergeant at the police of the southern Karak governorate, affirmed that he had big dreams for life after marriage.


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