NCEMA chief visits girl who helped injured in Abu Dhabi building fire, praises her courage


Al Neyadi wished Iman Al Safaqsi a speedy recovery and good health. WAM

Ali Saeed Al Neyadi, Chairman of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), visited Iman Al Safaqsi at a hospital in the capital Abu Dhabi to check on her health condition.

Iman Al Safaqsi was injured while attempting to provide assistance to the injured in a fire that broke out in a residential building recently in the Khalidiya area in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Al Neyadi wished her a speedy recovery and good health while praising her courageous deed in helping the injured.

He said that providing support and aid to others is a deep-rooted value across all segments of Emirati society, which is reflected among its Emirati citizens or residents.

Al Neyadi pointed out that what Iman has done mirrors her sense of humanity and responsibility towards others, as she is an individual within a society founded on solidarity and synergy.

Al Safaqsi and her family extended their thanks for the visit, stressing that such gestures are part of the Emirati people’s heritage.



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