New Sinopharm vaccine highly effective against COVID-19 mutants


Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Health Ministry announced that the “new recombinant protein-based vaccine from Sinopharm” is highly effective in fight several COVID mutations.

The ministry said that the new Sinopharm vaccine uses the protein of the spinal cord that surrounds the COVID-19 virus, which helps the body to identify the virus and fight it in case of exposure to it, and this technology helps in the prevention of several mutations.

The new “Sinopharma Recombinant Protein Vaccine” and “Sinopharma Vaccine” are both effective for producing antibodies, but the “New Sinopharm Recombinant Protein Based Vaccine” can achieve larger production to ensure more efficacy to prevent mutant.

The approval of the vaccine came after rigorous monitoring and evaluation of the study data that was conducted in the UAE, where the emergency use of this vaccine fully complies with the regulations and laws that allow for a faster review of the licensing procedures.

The vaccine will be available to all recipients of the Sinopharm vaccine as a booster dose from the beginning of 2022 as part of the measures taken to contain the spread of the virus.

The authorities said, “We would like to emphasize that the “new recombinant protein-based vaccine from Sinopharm” can be given from the age of 18 as a booster dose after 6 months of taking two or three previous doses of the Sinopharm vaccine, as it showed an improved immune capacity against the mutants emerging from the SARS-virus. CoV-2.”

The “new recombinant protein-based vaccine from Sinopharm” does not differ in its side effects from the effects of other vaccines, which are often headache, pain, swelling, redness and itching at the vaccination site, fatigue and may reach fever, or difficulty swallowing and nausea.

Booster doses are considered one of the most important factors for maintaining public health and the safety of community members and have a significant and effective role in enhancing acquired immunity to achieve maximum benefit, especially in the current circumstances in which the world is witnessing an increase in the number of registered cases.

The authorities said, “Within the framework of the comprehensive and integrated efforts of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and in cooperation with health authorities to enhance the protection of community members from the pandemic, it was announced that the emergency use of the “new recombinant protein-based vaccine from Sinopharm CNBG.”


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