No accident, no fine for 31 years: Dubai Police corporal receives ‘Ideal Driver’ honour


Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri honours Corporal Althibani.

Gulf Today Report

You could not ask for a cleaner record than this. In a society that has seen foolhardy motorists perform, on a lark, chancy stunts with their cars, Corporal Salem Misad Althibani has stood out as a shining model for responsible driving on UAE’s roads.

Since he received his driving licence in 1991, Corporal Althibani from the General Department of Organisation Protective Security and Emergency at Dubai Police has been driving for 31 years.

But, and here’s the noteworthy part, he was not involved in a single traffic accident or incurred any fines. It is not surprising, though, that he deserved to be honoured. In this respect, Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, rose to the occasion and recognised Corporal Althibani for his remarkable adherence to the traffic law.

He granted him the Commander-in-Chief for Ideal Driver Accolade during the Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Excellence Awards 2022 ceremony. Corporal Althibani was elated over the honour and said that since he obtained his driving licence on the 9th day of January 1991, he made it a point not to breach any traffic rule and ensure that he and everyone else was safe.

Corporal Althibani has a piece of advice for all motorists. He wants them to be extra cautious while driving, adhere to the speed limit, refrain from using their phones while driving, and be extremely alert with an eye on the road. Since he joined the force in 1985, Corporal Althibani has always shown an unfailing loyalty to his profession. He is a byword for overarching commitment.



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