Norwegian anti-Islam leader burns Quran, angry resident overturns his car on highway


A man tries to douse the burning Quran in Mortensrud, Oslo.

Gulf Today Report

Lars Thorsen, the leader of a Norwegian anti-Islamic extremist group, was involved in a spectacular car chase, minutes after burning a Quran on the outskirts of Oslo.

The authorities said they arrested two people, including a motorist who has been accused of deliberately ramming into the SUV of Lars Thorsen, leader of the radical group “Stop the Islamization of Norway” (Sian).

The authorities said some five people in the SUV suffered minor injuries.

A video shared on Facebook showed Thorsen and other activists burning a copy of the Quran in Mortensrud, a suburb of Oslo with a large Muslim community.

A local resident approached them to stop it. Thorsen’s followers pushed him back.

An angry crowd gathered, including a woman who grabbed the charred book before getting into a grey Mercedes.

The anti-Islam activists’ SUV, painted in camouflage livery, then left the scene.

But seconds later he was overtaken by a Mercedes, which first hit him lightly and eventually rammed him at high speed, flipping the vehicle over.

Someone in the car following filmed the incident.

In recent years, far-right Scandinavian anti-Islamic activists have specialised in burning the Quran in neighbourhoods with large Muslim populations.


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