Pet dog turns on kitchen stove, causes fire at Kansas house


Picture used for illustrative purpose only.

Moustafa Al Zoubi, Staff Reporter

The Kansas City and Southern Platte County Fire Department responded to a fire alarm from a house in the Race Lake neighborhood of Parkville, where they rescued two dogs which were in the building.

Security cameras inside a house in Missouri recorded the moment a dog turned on the kitchen stove, causing a fire which resulted in major damage to the house.

Firefighters reviewed security camera footage inside the house to discover that one of the dogs had stood upright on its hind legs to check a frying pan on the stove and inadvertently turned on the stove.

Investigators said the frying pan was still had food from a previous meal, and that the heat caused a fire about eight minutes after the dog turned on the stove.

Firefighters said the dog was unharmed, but the house was damaged.


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