Policeman fights off a thug with a giant machete in Kerala


A videograb shows the cop neutralizing the thug in Kerala.

Gulf Today Report

A Kerala policeman has become the talk of the town after the valiant officer overpowered a man who attacked him with a giant machete.

The video of the incident at Nooranadu of Alappuzha district in Kerala has gone viral and netizens are in awe of the braveheart cop.

In the video a police jeep is seen stopping beside a scooter. The moment the scooter owner sees the police jeep he immediately takes out a  giant machete and attacks the policeman coming out of the jeep.

The cop identified as VR Arunkumar, 37, not at all perturbed by the vicious attack, pushes the attacker on to the ground and snatches the machete from the attacker.

While grappling with the attacker the officer injured his fingers.

The attacker was taken into custody. The incident took place on June 12, 2022.

According to the details of the case Arunkumar has summoned the accused and his brother to settle a property dispute at Nooranadu Police station.

The accused didn’t seem happy over the outcome of the negotiations.

He followed the officer’s jeep on his two-wheeler and while over taking the jeep he abused policemen.

After parking his scooter on the roadside he waited for the police jeep.

And attacked the cop when he came out of it.

On Monday Arunkumar was honoured by the state police chief Anil Kanth with a trophy and a certificate.


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