Pregnant teacher dies in school after management fails to arrange ambulance


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Gulf Today Report

Social networking sites in Jordan are abuzz with #WeareallRuba to pressure on the authorities and draw their attention to a painful incident in which a pregnant teacher called “Ruba” died in a school because the authorities failed to arrange an ambulance for her.

According to the teacher’s husband, she went out that morning to the school where she had been working for years, and that she had no symptoms except that she was eight months pregnant and waiting to give birth.

But, he received a call from the school’s administration hours after his wife went to school, asking him to come to school to take his wife to the hospital because she fell into a coma, he added.

When the husband arrived at the school, he found his wife had died a long time ago and that the administration failed to arrange an ambulance for her, which led to a public outrage in the Jordanian street.

The Jordanian Ministry of Education said in an official statement that the case is before the judicial authorities, and the school administration will be held accountable according to the laws if it is proven to be dilatory.

A number of “hashtags” spread on Twitter about the issue with which the Jordanians interacted, demanding that the negligent be held accountable and to know who is directly responsible of the death of the teacher and her fetus.


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