Promptly fix water leakages, DEWA urges residents


Customers can also monitor for water spots or leakages on the floors, walls and ceiling of the house or around the washing machine and kitchen areas.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has reiterated the importance of conducting periodic checks on internal water connections and potential leak sites in homes, buildings and facilities, to check internal connections and repair any leaks in water connections immediately with the help of a specialised technician. This is part of its efforts to establish a culture of sustainability among society members. This will help preserve natural resources, and prevent water waste and any property damage.

DEWA indicated that its scope of responsibility for connections and maintenance is limited to the meter only, while the responsibility for the internal connections after the meter rests with the customer, and this includes the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. DEWA said that the possibility of leakages can be monitored through smart water meters, or if the utility bill is higher than previous ones.

Customers can also monitor for water spots or leakages on the floors, walls and ceiling of the house or around the washing machine and kitchen areas. These can be due to leaking pipes and internal connections due to lack of maintenance. Water tank leakages can occur due to damage to the tank body, pipes or wrongful installation. Laundry rooms and washrooms should also be checked for leakages in the washing machine hose; toilet water tank, water heater, or taps and connections.

There can also be leakages outside the house from pipes, external connections, or the home irrigation network. DEWA urges its customers to use specialist companies and high-quality pipes and materials, while regularly checking to ensure that there are no leaks inside the building. DEWA Store, on its smart app, provides a list of maintenance companies that provide exclusive offers and discounts for its customers.

Through its Smart Living initiative, customers can monitor their consumption through the Smart Living dashboard and get daily, monthly, and annual reports. The initiative, through My Sustainable Living programme, can be used to compare consumption with similarly efficient homes and benefit from the offers on DEWA Store and use energy and water saving devices.

Through the ‘Away Mode’ service, they can receive daily and weekly email reports when they activate the service or when they are travelling or away from home. Moreover, DEWA provides the High-Water Usage Alert under the Smart Response initiative to help customers detect leakages in water connections after the meter. The initiative also includes an auto-scheduling feature to make an appointment for a technical team visit with real-time updates.

It also consists of a Virtual Call Back feature for customers to book suitable timings through online channels. The Self-Assessment tool includes a survey for customers to assess their consumption and learn about different ways of conservation. An earlier report says Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) continues its relentless efforts to serve society according to an integrated organisational framework and its values of Stakeholder Happiness; Sustainability; Innovation; Excellence; and Good Governance. Society happiness for DEWA’s programmes and initiatives increased from 82% in 2013 to 94.10% in 2021.

“DEWA’s role is not limited to providing electricity and water services according to the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, availability and quality, but also focuses on social work as an integral part of its efforts to empower society. DEWA cooperates with several public and private entities in the UAE to support economic, environmental, and social sustainability within an integrated system that includes planning, implementation and evaluation according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to ensure the sustainability of results. We are committed to consolidating the values of social responsibility, a culture of humanitarian work, and the spirit of volunteering among DEWA’s employees and all members of society.

This has ensured that our corporate social responsibility has become more comprehensive and effective,” said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA. Al Tayer noted that DEWA focuses on balancing the economic, social, and environmental requirements. It also strives to support the integrated and sustainable framework for volunteering in the UAE and Dubai through its continuous efforts to highlight the values of volunteering, and social cohesion among stakeholders, as well as launching and sponsoring pioneering humanitarian initiatives. 


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