Quran teacher thrashes students for neglecting lessons, arrested in Morocco


A videograb shows the teacher beating a student in Tangiers, Morocco.

Gulf Today Report

The Moroccan security authorities managed to arrest a 44-year-old man for brutally beating children during lessons for memorising the Holy Quran in Tangiers.

A video clip of the incident sparked widespread anger on social media.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening.

The clip showed a Quran teacher brutally beating the children on their feet, using a thick stick, despite their pleas and crying, and someone helped him to do so, in a scene that drew condemnation and anger.

There were reactions to the video spread on social networking sites, denouncing the behaviour against children. Activists demanded the need to abandon these traditional methods used in educating children, which make them drop out of school.

The public prosecution said the man would be charged under child abuse law and face severe punishment.  


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