RAK Customs seizes 29.3kg of hashish hidden in spare tyre of a vehicle


Packets of hashish seized by Ras Al Khaimah Customs authority.

The Ras Al Khaimah Customs officers at Al Dara border checkpoint managed to seize huge quantity of hashish professionally hidden in the spare tyre of a vehicle as it was trying to enter the country after taking the necessary legal measures.

While the vehicle was being inspected, the officer noticed some changes in the spare tyre of the vehicle. After examining the tyre, the official found 28 bags of hashish, weighing 29.3 kilograms.

The officers took the driver in custody and seized the materials before handing the same to the competent authorities.

The vigilance and sense of security of Al Dara customs inspectors led these narcotics to be seized, Dr. Mohammed Al Mehrezi, Director General of RAK Customs Department, said, adding that this clearly reflects the efforts exerted by the department to develop and support its human cadres.

Al Mehrezi instructed the people concerned to honour the inspectors, who helped seize the narcotics, for their efforts and vigilance in a bid to motivate them and their peers to exert more efforts to prevent the entry of prohibited materials into the UAE.



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