Robots used to distribute Holy Quran among pilgrims at Grand Mosque


A roboto distributes copies of the Holy Quran among the pilgrims at Grand Mosque on Sunday. WAM

Roboting, a newly-introduced state-of-the-art service, has been launched at the Grand Mosque this year to distribute Islam’s Holy Book of Quran to worshippers as they finish their Hajj journey in Makkah, SPA reported.

Robot-GrandMosque-imam The Grand Mosque’s Imam checks a robot. WAM

Giving an account on the device, the Under-Secretary of the General President for the Two Holy Mosques Affairs for the Guiding Affairs of the Grand Mosque Badr Bin Abdullah Al Firaih said the robot, which easily finds its way through the crowds, weighs 59kg with a controllable speed of 1.2-5m/second and a capacity of 10kg.




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