Saudi lifts COVID-19 curbs and eases travel procedures for all


Gulf Today Report

Saudi Arabia authorities have announced the lifting of Covid-19 preventive measures on Monday.

According to sources, the measures lifted include the requirement to wear facemasks in closed places, with the exception of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior stated that it was decided to lift the precautionary and preventive measures related to combating the Corona pandemic.

The following bans are lifted:

—No need to wear facemask t in closed places, with the exception of the Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, and the places for which protocols are issued by the Public Health Authority. Public transport authorities may wish measures for the protection of the community members.

— Vaccination and health verification are not required in the (Tawakulna) application to enter facilities, activities, events, board planes and public transportation, except for those whose nature requires immunization, or continuing to verify their health status according to the general health requirements.

— The duration of the requirement to take the (third) booster dose of the (Covid-19) vaccine is (eight) months instead of (three) months from receiving the second dose, with the exception of the age groups specified or excluded by the Ministry of Health.

The source stressed the importance of continuing to complete the implementation of the national plan for immunization, which includes taking the approved booster doses of the vaccine on time.


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