School bus driver to serve 6 months in prison, pay Dhs200,000 over killing student in Ajman


Photo used for illustrative purpose.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Ajman Court of Appeal upheld the verdict issued against an Asian school bus driver, identified as A. M. K, for unintentionally causing the death of a student after running over her in February in front of her family’s house.

The driver who was working for the Emirates Transport Corporation, Ajman branch, has been sentenced to 6 months in prison and ordered to pay a blood money of Dhs200,000 to the heirs of the deceased Sheikha Hassan.

The accused ran over the deceased student on the fifteenth of last February, in front of her family’s house upon her return from school in Hamidiya area of Ajman, the court heard.

The details of the incident date back to the time, when the bus stopped next to the student’s house, as she got off the bus and moved from the front of the bus from right to left, so the bus driver moved forward without paying attention. The bus ran over her, leading to her death suffering from critical wound in the head. 

The driver did not abide by the traffic signs and drove the bus without taking the utmost care and caution, causing death of Sheikha Hassan by running over her.


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