See how this Indonesian security guard survives a lightning strike


A videograb shows the security guard being struck by a lightning.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

An Indonesian security guard got a new lease of life after surviving a lightning strike in Jakarta.

Indonesian media reported that the 35-year-old was on duty when he was struck by lightning.

A video of the incident has got the Internet users in shock.

According to the video, the guard could be seen walking in the rain under an umbrella in the parking lot of a factory with huge trucks in the vicinity.

In a flash of a second, lightning strikes the man.

CCTV cameras captured the sparks flying after striking the man.

The man falls on the ground motionless.

Seconds later, colleagues could be seen rushing to the spot to help him.

A local media broadcast the video and said, “Security officer in Jakarta was struck by lightning while on duty, avoid using radio and cellular telephones when it is raining.  Not everyone has the same chance to live.”

Local media reported that the man was rushed to the emergency ward of a nearby hospital.

The medical superintendent at the hospital said that the man suffered burns on his hand.

It is a miracle that he is alive.

The man was discharged from the hospital after four days.

He has been advised to take rest by the doctors.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the walkie-talkie, which was the guard was holding, might have attracted the lightning.

A similar incident was reported from India earlier this year.

In March, a lightning strike killed one and injured three persons in the Indian city of Gurugram. The victims were trying to take shelter and protect themselves from the rain when they were struck by lightning.

All four were gardeners at the Signature Villa Vatika City in Sector-82, Gurugram in Haryana.


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