Sharjah-based Bangladeshi man Arif wins Dhs20 million in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle draw


Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Bangladesh national Arif won the Mighty Dhs20 million in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket’s monthly draw on Friday.

The Sharjah-based resident bought the winning ticket on May 27.

His ticket number was 144481.

Big Ticket on Facebook said, “Congratulations to The Mighty 20 Million Series 240 winners!”


Arif brought the ticket from the store at Abu Dhabi airport.

Last month, Indian truck driver won Dhs12 million in the Big Ticket raffle draw.

The expat identified as Mujeeb Chirathodi bought the ticket online during Ramadan and it proved lucky for him.
The Big Ticket, the longest-running and biggest raffle draw in the UAE is hosted at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Airport and online at

The raffle draw said, “What started out with a Million Dirham cash prize, gradually grew over the years and now on Big Ticket’s 29th year, we’re giving away grand prize’s of up to 20 Million Dirham.”

The raffle draw guarantees cash prizes vary from month to month with Big Ticket giving away a minimum of 10million dirham up to our biggest jackpot of 20 million. 


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