Sindhis to protest against Pakistan FM Bilawal Bhutto at UN headquarters over water shortage


Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (right) and Maryam Nawaz Sharif pose for a photo. File photo

With acute water scarcity parching Sindh, human rights group has called for protests against the water shortage in front of the UN office in New York.

The protest coincides with Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s two-day visit to the US, ostensibly to repair ties with one of its long-term partners. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan had dealt a severe blow to US-Pakistan ties with a tirade of allegations that Washington toppled his government.


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Among Bilawal’s numerous engagements will be attending a ministerial meeting — Global Food Security Call to Action — at the UN headquarters in New York on May 18.

It is this meeting that Sindh activists are targeting. Zafar Sahito told India Narrative that they are targeting Bilawal as it is his party, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), that runs Sindh which is facing an acute shortage of water.

The UN headquarters in New York.

Sahito said: “The Sindh government run by the PPP elites have sold the national resources of the province to Pakistan’s military in lieu of personal benefits. The people of the province are facing a severe shortage of water”.

The Sindhi campaigner, who lives in exile in the US, said that the construction of big dams and canals on the Indus river as collaborative ventures between Pakistan and China have brought a climate crisis to the Sindh province.

He added that the shortage of water in Sindh is not natural but has been engineered by the large construction projects by the two close allies.

Sahito has also called for an international investigation into the sharing of waters of river Indus between Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh province.

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