Spectators injured after gallery collapses during football match in Kerala


A videograb shows the stand collapsing in Malappuram district.

Many spectators who were injured when a temporary gallery collapsed in Kerala’s Malappuram district during a football match on Saturday are recouping at hospitals, officials said on Sunday.

According to the Malappuram police, around 200 people were injured and five persons were said to be serious. However, hospital authorities in Malappuram when contacted, told reporters that those admitted are getting better.

The temporary gallery collapsed during a football match at the football-crazy Malappuram district. Around 2,000 people were present on the ground.

Mohammed Rafeeq , a spectator who was present at the stadium, said: “The organisers had taken Rs 100 as ticket charge per head.

“The temporary bamboo gallery came down as it was unable to bear the weight of the large of number of spectators… it was above its capacity. The greed of the organisers resulted in the gallery collapse.”

The incident occurred around 9.30 p.m. at Poongudu in Malappuram district on Saturday.

Indo-Asian News Service


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