Students in UCMAS challenge calculate to win


Students from Impact Talent Centre, Oudh Metha, with their trophies.

Raghib Hassan, Staff Reporter

Some of the finest and fastest brains of the UAE converged for UCMAS National Online Challenge on May 21.  UCMAS is a mathematical competition, where a student is expected to complete 200 sums in only eight minutes. It was indeed a sight to behold as young children competed to be the best.

The award ceremony took place on June 5, at Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai, in the presence of invited guests, parents and media, and the winner’s trophy was given to 394 UAE students for their exceptional mathematical skills. 

A total of 20 students from Impact Talent Centre, Oudh Metha, also participated in this event, while 11 students bagged winner’s trophies in different categories. UCMAS UAE has been conducting competitions on a national and international level every year. While talking to Gulf Today, Managing Director UCMAS UAE, Swarup Anand said: “This year too, as always, we are proud to host the UCMAS Online National Competition.

“To bring May 21, 2022, to fruition and undaunted by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the UCMAS UAE team worked hard to create a virtual platform for children to showcase their arithmetic and abacus calculation skills.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive response from all our students and eagerly looked forward to see them competing. Their enthusiasm and excitement, irrespective of winning or losing, endorses the success of UCMAS UAE.”

Talking about the event, Rema Nair of Impact Talent Centre said: “It is wonderful to see these kids doing so well in the completion. Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to go online and the students were quick to embrace the online medium and did extremely well. They are so young and this will help them in the long term. They too worked hard for the event.”



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