Sudden deviation is committing five traffic violations at one go, warn Sharjah Police


Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

Captain Saud Al Shaiba, Director of Traffic Awareness and Media Branch at the Sharjah Police General Command, says that the sudden deviation is one of the main causes of accidents, which poses great risks to the lives of vehicle drivers and passengers.

He added that according to traffic statistics for the year 2021, sudden deviation caused 48 traffic accidents.

Federal Traffic and Traffic have 5 violations for overtaking and sudden deviation, as Article 29 stipulates that the vehicle’s sudden deviation requires the driver to pay a fine of Dhs1,000 and 4 traffic points.

While Article 44 states that overtaking from a forbidden place obligates the driver to pay a fine of Dhs600 and 6 black points.

Article 83 stipulates that not using indicators when changing the direction of the vehicle is a violation of Dhs400. Article 86 states that if a light vehicle does not adhere to the mandatory lane, the driver must pay a fine of Dhs400


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