Survey rates police force as top unsung heroes in UAE


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Gulf Today, Staff Report

In every field, there are some workers who quietly go about their jobs, without claiming any reward, financial or otherwise. Their commitment to their work is industrial-strength, they put their heart and soul into their duties.

This has particularly come to the fore during the global pandemic, where doctors, nurses, civic workers, volunteers spared no effort to serve those struck by the virus. They helped them get back on the road to recovery, comforting them with mood-enhancing words.

These are the unsung heroes, and their humanitarian zeal knows no bounds.

A survey has shown that the police force has been recognised as the top unsung heroes in the UAE. The UAE armed forces and construction workers occupied second and third ranking respectively.

The survey elicited responses from over 1,026 individuals, and was conducted during the Holy month of Ramadan by Insight Discovery and Capital Club Dubai, their first such study.

Other categories in the list were paramedics (forty-seven per cent), firefighters (forty-five per cent), street cleaners (forty-one per cent), security guards (thirty-seven per cent), and domestic helpers (thirty-six per cent).

Other categories included delivery drivers, taxi drivers, petrol attendants, gardeners, waiters, window cleaners, cooks and car cleaners.

Most of the respondents in the survey belonged to the 25-44 years age group, with an annual income of up to Dhs40,000.


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