Thief of diamond sent to jail for 5 years, fined $20m in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Appellate Court upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance sentencing a member of a gang that stole a diamond worth $20 million from a money transfer company to 5 years in jail and fined him with others $20 million.


The suspects were ordered to deportation after serving the jail term.


The details of the case date back to 2018, when the convict and two others connived to steal a diamond, worth $20 million, from the company they worked for.


According to the case papers, the convict, who worked for a money transfer company, connived with his two colleagues to steal a diamond from the company’s safe.


They planned to commit their crime, after finding out the surveillance cameras located in the safe’s location and how to enter the warehouse without being seen.


On the day of the incident, the convict and the other two entered the place, opened the safe, stole the diamond and shipped it to their home country after the convict hid it in one of his shoes.


Dubai Police arrested two suspects and recovered the diamond, and the Court of First Instance sentenced them to prison, and the third in absentia to 5 years.


The appeals court upheld the verdict before the police arrested the fugitive convict, who was sentenced to the same term.


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